With Bated Breath: September


September 1, 2012 by Heidi

With Bated Breath September

Fall has finally arrived!! And with it come an insane amount of fantastic new releases…September and October are both riddled with books I’m looking forward to.  It may well take me till next September to get through them!

Check them out and watch the trailers—particularly those for The Diviners and The Raven Boys.  Both of these are fantastic!  Also, check out the trailer for Carnival of Souls, which was exclusive at Entertainment Weekly.  Breed looks totally creepy, and all’s I can think when watching the In a Fix trailer is ‘Wow! That’s some clumpy mascara.’

Really happy for Kate Milford who raised the money to self-publish this new series on Kickstarter (love that website), and I’m oh so excited to pick up the sequel to Elizabeth Miles’ debut, Fury.  I hate the cover changes for Fathomless from the previous books, but it’s made up for by the vast improvement in the cover of Monstrous Beauty.  I’ve already finished Shadowfell and The Brides of Rollrock Island and will be posting reviews in the next several weeks.  Spoilers: they’re wonderful.

September 1st

The Dark Unwinding by Sharon Cameron book coverThe Kairos Mechanism by Kate Milford book coverBlack Count by Tom Reiss book cover
The Dark Unwinding by Sharon Cameron | Goodreads|Amazon
The Kairos Mechanism by Kate Milford | Goodreads|Clockwork Foundry
The Black Count: Glory, Revolution, Betrayal and the Real Count of Monte Cristo | Goodreads|Amazon

September 1st/4th

Henry Franks by Peter Adam Salomon book coverSafekeeping by Karen Hesse book coverBreed by Chase Novak book cover

Henry Franks by Peter Adam Salomon | Goodreads|Amazon
Safekeeping by Karen Hesse | Goodreads|Amazon
Breed by Chase Novak | Goodreads|Amazon


September 4th

Envy by Elizabeth Miles book coverMy Book of Life by Angel by Martine Leavitt book coverFathomless by Jackson Pearce book cover
Envy by Elizabeth Miles | Goodreads|Amazon
My Book of Life by Angel by Martine Leavitt | Goodreads|Amazon
Fathomless by Jackson Pearce | Goodreads|Amazon

The Edge of Nowhere by Elizabeth George book coverWhat Came From the Stars by Gary D. Schmidt book coverIn a Fix by Linda Grimes book cover
The Edge of Nowhere by Elizabeth George | Goodreads|Amazon
What Came From the Stars by Gary D. Schmidt | Goodreads|Amazon
In a Fix by Linda Grimes | Goodreads|Amazon


carnival of secretsMonstrous Beauty by Elizabeth Fama book coverThe Seven Tales of Trinket by Shelley Moore Thomas book cover
Carnival of Secrets by Melissa Marr | Goodreads|Amazon
Monstrous Beauty by Elizabeth Fama | Goodreads|Amazon
The Seven Tales of Trinket by Shelley Moore Thomas | Goodreads|Amazon|My Review


September 4th/8th

Blackwood by Gwenda Bond book coverPickle by Kim Baker book coverThe City's Son by Tom Pollock book cover
Blackwood by Gwenda Bond | Goodreads|Amazon
Pickle: The Formerly Anonymous Prank Club of Fountain Point Middle School by Kim Baker | Goodreads|Amazon
The City’s Son by Tom Pollock | Goodreads|Amazon


September 11th

Silhouette of a Sparrow by Molly Beth Griffin book coverShadowfell by Juliet Marillier book coverThe Brides of Rollrock Island by Margo Lanagan book cover
Silhouette of a Sparrow by Molly Beth Griffin | Goodreads|Amazon
Shadowfell by Juliet Marillier | Goodreads|Amazon
The Brides of Rollrock Island by Margo Lanagan | Goodreads|Amazon


The White Forest by Adam McOmber book coverOne Year in Coal Harbor by Polly Horvath book coverUnspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan book cover

The White Forest by Adam McOmber | Goodreads|Amazon
One Year in Coal Harbor by Polly Horvath | Goodreads|Amazon
Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan | Goodreads|Amazon


September 11th/18th

Vessel by Sarah Beth Durst book coverThe Dangerous Animals Club by Stephen Tobolowsky book coverStormdancer by Jay Kirstoff book cover
Vessel by Sarah Beth Durst | Goodreads|Amazon
The Dangerous Animals Club by Stephen Tobolowsky | Goodreads|Amazon
Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff | Goodreads|Amazon

Ten by Gretchen McNeil book coverWhat's Left of Me by Kat Zhang book coverThe Diviners by Libba Bray book cover
Ten by Gretchen McNeil | Goodreads|Amazon
What’s Left of Me by Kat Zhang | Goodreads|Amazon
The Diviners by Libba Bray | Goodreads|Amazon


A Corner of White by Jacklyn Moriarty book coverGlass Heart by Amy Garvey book coverBurn for Burn by Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian book cover
A Corner of White by Jaclyn Moriarty (Aussie Release) | Goodreads|Fishpond
Glass Heart by Amy Garvey | Goodreads|Amazon
Burn for Burn by Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian | Goodreads|Amazon

The Peculiar by Stefan Bachmann book coverAdaptation by Malinda Lo book coverThe Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater book cover
The Peculiar by Stefan Bachmann | Goodreads|Amazon
Adaptation by Melinda Lo | Goodreads|Amazon
The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater | Goodreads|Amazon


September 25th/27th

The Other Normals by Ned Vizzini book coverThe Hallowed Ones by Laura Bickle book coverThe Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling book cover

The Other Normals by Ned Vizzini | Goodreads|Amazon
The Hallowed Ones by Laura Bickle | Goodreads|Amazon
The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling | Goodreads|Amazon


That concludes the extensive list of September new releases I’m looking to check out—let me know what I missed and what you’re most looking forward to!


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  1. Woah! The Diviners trailer is…haunting! I wasn’t a huge fan of The Raven Boys trailer, although I reallyyy want to read it! Surprisingly, I only want to read five books releasing this month! Mostly because I have or have read some of the others, but also since I’ve heard unfavorable things about many of them. Still, some great releases are coming our way and THE CASUAL VACANCY! 😀 I’m not interested in it, but I’ll read anything that Rowling writes! 😉 Wonderful post, Heidi!

    • Heidi says:

      Haha, I probably won’t actually read The Casual Vacancy unless I hear mind blowing amazing things about them. I did realize I have 19 of these books on hand, which is A LOT to read. o.O

      We’ll see how many I actually get through, and how many I give up on after 20 pages.

  2. Holly says:

    Shadowfell is wonderful you say? Yes! *fist pump* Can’t wait to read the review.

    And yes, why do all the interesting releases have to be piled into September and October? All it does it put added pressure on book bloggers and make the drought that is November and December depressing. 😉 Nice, thorough post! I can’t imagine all the time it would take to just do the links alone.

    • Heidi says:

      Yeah these take a surprisingly long time, but they’re brainless so it’s not bad to do while watching a movie. :)

      I really liked Shadowfell, but it definitely suffered for my having read it at the same time as Son of the Shadows…just couldn’t come close to Sevenwaters!

  3. Chachic says:

    So many good reads! I can’t wait to read Shadowfell, Monstrous Beauty and A Corner of White. 😀

  4. Don’t you just wish you could take all of September off and do nothing but read new books.

    Seriously, it is like an explosion of fantasticisms, all the new September releases.

    I want to read ALL OF THE BOOKS AHHHH. Except for the Diviners and Stormdancer, because I have already read those ones.

  5. Alyssa says:

    ::Collapses under the weight of ALL OF THE BOOKS:: I WANT TO READ THEM ALL!!

    Excited that I own a few of these from BEA (whew!) but I desperately want The White Forest, it’s so pretty! My review for Carnival of Souls goes up on the 14 and I really loved it. You know me, I love a dark tale 😀 I have Monstrous Beauty from NG but I am honestly afraid to read it…so far every single mermaid book I have read has either been totally “eh” or has sucked so bad!! I think I have The Brides of Rollrock Island from NG, you already read it right? How was it?

    Also I have to confess that I totally ordered The Casual Vacancy for work from Amazon so that I can borrow/read it ASAP because I am afraid that I am going to be horribly disappointed and therefore don’t want to buy it…EEP!

    • Heidi says:

      Haha, you kind of HAVE to order The Casual Vacancy for the library anyway, so ulterior motives are totally justified.

      Brides of Rollrock was breathtaking, I absolutely loved it. Top 10 of 2012 thus far…I still need to write my review, but it should be up in the next couple of weeks!

      I held off on reading Carnival of Souls because I’m so excited about James Marsters doing the audio. Planning to buy it as soon as it comes out!

      • Alyssa says:

        I read it before finding out about James Marsters but I am definitely going to be listening to that in some way, shape or form because ohhh Spike…be still my heart!!!!

        I think I will make Brides of Rollrock my first NG book after I get through my LAST FOUR LIBRARY BOOKS!! WOOOO I AM ALMOST THERE!!!!

        I have never read Libba Bray so this will be quite an experience for me!! I am going to read it soon, I think, since it’s a September debut!

        • Heidi says:

          Yeah, excited to see what you think since you’re new to her work. I’ve really liked (but not loved) all of her books (yeah, I’ve read them all), but she has several very different styles so I’m interested to see which way Diviners goes.

  6. Alyssa says:

    Umm also holy poop I am at B&N and just watched the trailer for The Diviners and I am so freaked out now…I AM SO EXCITED!!! Wow.

  7. If any book trailers knock your socks off, be sure to mention it. I kind of refuse to watch book trailers because I’ve been disappointed a few times by casting choices and cheesiness. Also, THANK YOU for doing a post like this. I am too lazy to look these all up. I’m glad I have friends like you to do the actual work involved. Bahahahaha.

    • Heidi says:

      Yeah, I know you’re always disappointed by book trailers. The Diviners kind of blew me away, but it’s live action so I’m not sure you’d dig it.

      Also, you’re welcome!

      • Alyssa says:

        Yes! Heidi, thank you for putting the work in to showcase the AWESOMENESS coming out each month and Flan, The Diviners trailer was pretty awesome, I didn’t find it cheesy but seriously creepy.

  8. Jasmine Rose says:

    Wow, that trailer for Breed got me interested. But seriously, does the cover have to be a naked pregnant lady?!
    Dude. I am so freaking excited for Envy! I liked Fury way more than I thought I would and can’t wait to see what Miles has in store for us with the sequel.
    I actually just discovered Blackwood about a month ago from some giveaway or another, but it sounds really good!
    Can I just say that the Pickle trailer kind of sucks…
    Hmm..Though the Unspoken trailer was kind of lame, it did make me more interested in the book than I was before.
    Ten and What’s Left of Me and The Diviners! I pretty much feel all WAHOOO about all of these.

    • Heidi says:

      Haha, yeah, the Pickle and Unspoken trailers were both pretty lame…hopefully the actual books pan out better! I just decided to give up on Blackwood. It’s not the book for me, but that’s okay.

      I’ve been checking my library catalog every day for months waiting for them to order Envy! Trying not to spend money atm, but I WILL buy it if I have to. 😛

  9. I just started Safekeeping and so far it hasn’t impressed me too much, but I have high hopes for it!

    And I love the concept of The Hallowed Ones. Something new and refreshing. I hope you get to read all of these. :)

    • Heidi says:

      We shall see! I’ll be reading a lot of them, that’s for sure. Sorry Safekeeping has been disappointing so far, I’ve tried to lower my expectations a bit judging by others reactions thus far, but I’m still hoping to enjoy it!

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