Book Chat: My lit family.


July 24, 2013 by Heidi

No, I don’t mean lit as in drunken, I mean lit as in literary.  Welcome to this month’s Book Chat hosted by Misty over at The Book Rat.  This one was a lot of fun, and I’d love to know what some of your responses would be–what authors would you pick to be part of your literary family?

I apologize for my noisy A/C, but it’s like 90 degrees outside and I’m not shutting it off to film (it’s just white noise anyway).

The Fam:

Dad: Neil Gaiman
Mom: Barbara Kingsolver
Brother: Oscar Wilde
Sisters: Louisa May Alcott & Maggie Stiefvater
Paternal Grandparents: Douglas Adams & Diana Wynne Jones
Maternal Grandparents: Roald Dahl & Laura Ingalls Wilder
Aunts: Melina Marchetta, Mercedes Lackey, & Gene Stratton-Porter
Uncle: Robert Munsch
Cousins: Catherynne M. Valente, Rachel Hawkins, Veronica Rossi, Marissa Meyer
BFFs: Ilona Andrews & Seanan McGuire
Pet: Dr. Suess/Wocket
Crush: Patrick Rothfuss

That’s it for me this month (and I’m sure I’ll wake up in the middle of the night angsting over someone I forgot), but do tell who would be in your family, and check out Misty’s vid here.


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  1. I love this idea! Laura Ingalls Wilder would make a great literary grandmother and Roald Dahl would be the grandfather I chose too, probably along with C.S. Lewis and maybe Cornelia Funke as my other grandmother. Rowling would be a fantastic neighbor to have, along with Rachel – I’d love exchanging books with her. Kristin Cashore would probably be my literary sister – I totally look up to her and she always gets me – though I love the idea of Veronica Rossi, Marissa Meyer, and Cat Valente as cousins. Melina Marchetta would make an amazing literary aunt, probably along with Gayle Forman for me, and I can see Tolkein as my slightly aloof, whimsical, and mysterious uncle. He’d be C.S. Lewis’s favorite son. 😉 Ilona Andrews would be such a great best friend, though Stephanie Perkins would likely be mine along with Leigh Bardugo I think. Juliet Marillier would also be my neighbor, right up there with the mysterious Rowling lady, though maybe I’d eventually bump into her and ask to shovel her driveway during the winter and she’d just pay me really well to stop bothering her in the middle of her intelligent writing pursuits. Hehe.

    Anyway, awesome post, Heidi! I can’t think of two authors to be my parents (or a brother) but this is such a fun idea! Love your family, Heidi!(:

  2. I love this! What a cute idea! I would LOVE to have all those folks as cousins – we would have a total ball hanging out! :)

    Also… imagine how awesome reunions would be!!!

  3. Alyssa says:

    YAAYYY We are literary sisters!! Obviously because Gaiman is my father…Marillier is my mom though so…sorry about that infidelity back in the day….

    This is such a fun idea, I might need to think more about plays on the who would you want to have dinner with, dead or alive…but it is SO MUCH BETTER

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