Salute Your Shorts: The Queen’s Army by Marissa Meyer


November 29, 2012 by Heidi

Salute Your Shorts

Salute Your Shorts is a regular feature here at Bunbury in the Stacks highlighting and reviewing short stories and novellas.

The Queen's Army by Marissa Meyer book coverTitle: The Queen’s Army [|Goodreads]
Author: Marissa Meyer [Website|Twitter|Facebook]
Standing: The Lunar Chronicles 1.5 — Takes place after Cinder and before Scarlet.
Genre: Young Adult, Sci Fi
Published: November 21st, 2012 by Tor
Source: Posted at for you to read for free!

Fans of The Lunar Chronicles, rejoice!  Not only is the release of Scarlet fast approaching us, but as she did with Cinder, Marissa Meyer has released a short story preamble to her upcoming book, giving us a look at a new featured character–Z.  Like Cinder’s short story, GlitchesThe Queen’s Army provides us with an insightful back story for a character, allowing us a better understanding of what has shaped them when we meet them at young adults.

Z’s story begins when he is twelve years old and taken to join the Queen’s army on Luna.  A fate he had expected, but hoped against.  Z’s body undergoes a series of genetic modifications giving him the animalistic traits of a wolf and removing aspects of his Lunar humanity.  Recruited as part of a special program to provide potential units for the Queen, Z’s only hope to retain what humanity he still has after his initial modifications is to prove himself and become one of the Queen’s select soldiers.  Failure to do so will result in further modifications, leaving him a mindless beast with no free will of his own.

The Queen’s Army shows us how Z’s determination to remain human forces him to become a beast–but a beast of his own mind rather than one under the control of others.  It reveals a rift between brothers, and a quiet power that can come from observation.  So often when reading we know that the author knows so much more about a character than they reveal to us as readers.  We just don’t need to know everything.  But at the same time, sharing with us these extra stories and insights helps us to form and solidify our thoughts about characters who we might otherwise misunderstand.

Scarlet is certainly one of my most anticipated 2013 releases, and The Queen’s Army only made me more excited to pick it up.  I think we all know I have a thing for wolves by now (I <3 you Bigby, Lupin, William, Derek), so of course I’m predisposed to love Z.  Also, I’m very excited to have a book that’s based on the Lunar side of things!  How about you?  Are you dying to get your hands on Scarlet?  If so, kick back and enjoy The Queen’s Army in the meantime!

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  1. Oooo! I still need to read this and Glitches and Scarlet! Heidi, you are killing my TBR in the very best possible YA. 😀

    • Heidi says:

      That’s what I’m here for! Glitches is really worth reading, I liked it better than this to be honest. I haven’t read Scarlet yet either, I’ve been too busy cramming 2012 books! It’ll happen in the next couple of weeks though. :)

  2. I CAN’T WAIT FOR YOU TO READ SCARLET!! Ahh I really, really loved it. Though I loved Scarlet as a character I REALLY loved Wolf. For obvious reason!!

    • Heidi says:

      Well, obviously. 😛

      I’ll be reading Scarlet in the next couple of weeks, I promise! Probably 3 other books to read first, but it’s high on the list, which is saying something since I’m trying so hard to finish up 2012 books.

  3. Now it seems that I’m just refusing to read Cinder out of spite, and I swear I’m not! :)) At first I stayed away because I dislike retellings on principle, but then I read a few reviews and realized it has very little to do with Cinderella. Now it’s only about finding the time to read it. too many review copies, so little time.

    • Heidi says:

      Bwahaha, that’s fair, I’m that way on a few series that I know I’m going to like but just don’t get to. But, yes! It’s very bare bones Cinderella, not a strict retelling at all, and so unique. Hey…the longer you wait, the less you have to sit around waiting for the next book to come out. 😛

  4. I know this might come as a shock…but Scarlet isn’t even on my TBR. I KNOW! It’s blasphemy! Yet, the thing is, I wasn’t overly fond of Cinder. It wasn’t bad, but I skimmed through a lot of it and was disappointed by the lack of world-building and the predictability. I read some early reviews of Scarlet and either people seem to love it just as much as Cinder or less, which generally means I’ll like it just as much as I liked Cinder or less, so I really don’t know whether or not to pick it up. I’m so glad you reviewed this though, since I think I’ll pick this up to see whether or not to continue the series. Perhaps I’ll find Z’s story more compelling than Cinder’s! Lovely review as always, dear! :)

    • Heidi says:

      You know, I think that’s a very fair reason not to have it on your TBR. Honestly I’m starting to worry about how I’ll react to the ends of some series that I read last year/at the beginning of this year. I feel like I’ve read so much this year that I’ve gotten much more picky, and I’m worried that those pickier tastes are doing to leave me less satisfied with a lot of books I might have loved some time ago. We’ll see though–I feel like this happened with The Raven Boys, but it didn’t with The Diviners. I am worried about how I’ll like Reached or Boundless.

  5. I’m really excited for Scarlet. I keep saying that about books coming out recently or soon — Days of Blood & Starlight, Dust Lands, etc. But in this case, I am certain I can plow through Scarlet quickly. (the other ones, not necessarily) I had no clue she had a short story at 1.5 until you tweeted it today, so thanks, Heidi! I thought Glitches was pretty awesome.

    • Heidi says:

      I didn’t like this one quite as much as Glitches, but I was still happy for it! I know what you mean–I’ve been incredibly excited for Days of Blood and Starlight, but I don’t honestly even know if I’m going to read it before the third book comes out. Scarlet though? Yes, yes I will be reading that one SOON. 😀

  6. Reynje says:

    I had no idea there was another Marissa Meyer short story out – thanks for the heads up! Definitely keen to read Scarlet next year :)

  7. I loved this short story and was so excited to get to read read it for FREE just a few days before reading Scarlet. Z’s story was fascinating(and so sad) and it was just what I wanted because I had SO many questions about the Lunar people and the beast soldiers that are mentioned briefly in Cinder.

    Having now read and LOVED Scarlet (loved it more than Cinder, Heidi, it’s that good!) I think The Queen’s Army should be a pre-requisite to reading Scarlet. It really added so much to the story. And yes. LOVE me some WOLF. He might just be my new paranormal book boyfriend:)

  8. […] I’ve also reviewed: Glitches by Marissa Meyer (The Lunar Chronicles .5) Cinder by Marissa Meyer (The Lunar Chronicles 1) The Queen’s Army by Marissa Meyer (The Lunar Chronicles 1.5) […]

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