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April 26, 2013 by Heidi

Blood Bound by Patricia BriggsTitle: Blood Bound [Amazon|Goodreads]
Author: Patricia Briggs
Narrator: Lorelei King
Standing: Mercy Thompson book 2
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal
Published: October 1st, 2009 by Penguin Audio (First published January 1st, 2007).
Format: Audiobook; 10 hrs, 3 min
Source: Borrowed from my local library.
Spoilers!: Review/book contain spoilers for the series, you’ve been warned!

After my initial whirlwind of an intsa-love romance with Moon Called, I was worried there might be a cooling off period in the relationship between Mercy Thompson and I.  Luckily (I like to think for both of us), Patricia Briggs delivers in book 2 in a way that kept the love alive, and I’m certainly ready to commit to a long-term relationship with the series.  And clearly I’m not the only one…the girl has more guys showing romantic interest in her than even Penn Jillette could juggle.

Things have had enough time to calm down around the Tri-Cities, that is, until Stefan comes to cash in the favor Mercy owes him after everything that went down in Moon Called.  She agrees, not realizing until it’s too late that she’s just signed up to face down evil incarnate.  As the local vampires and werewolves band together to hunt and destroy the mass-murdering sorcerer wreaking havoc on their territory, Mercy begins to learn more about her role as a Walker.

Patricia Briggs is really impressing me, not just with the action-packed plots that keep me glued to my headphones long after I probably should’ve put them down, but with her impeccable balance.  She knows how to make Mercy a real character for us as readers by giving her a mundane life that we can all associate with, but doesn’t bore us.  Yes, Mercy gets caught up in the action of the hunt, but she also has concerns about her business, her home, her relationships; there are issues in her life that extend beyond the main focus of the plot.  The werewolves have finally come out to the general public, and with that action has been a certain amount of consequence, and exposure that is falling back on Mercy to deal with.  I love the fact that as mindful of everything that she is, Mercy doesn’t have it all together.  She doesn’t yet have a grasp on who she is as a Walker, or how exactly she relates to the preternatural creatures in her life, but she always strives to do the best and right thing for those around her.

Briggs is still kind of killing me on the romance front, the love-triangle of Adam and Sam just as constant and undecided in Blood Bound as it was in Moon Called.  I’ve been assured by readers that this won’t draw on for long, but the thing that’s torturous is that I don’t know which way it’s going to go/which way I want it to go (and if you spoil it for me I will cut you).  Like Mercy, I tend to lean in the direction of whichever man she’s with at the time.  Quit playing games with my heart, Patty!

Aside from this, however, the plot of Blood Bound is so much tighter and more well-drawn than its predecessor.  Without the need to introduce readers to the characters and their world, Briggs digs right in to the gritty world of evil, sorcery, and vampires, and manages in the end to leave readers completely satisfied but hungering for more.  Where the first installment really focused on giving readers an insight into wolf politics, Blood Bound let us branch out into the supernatural world and get the slightest glimpse of Mercy’s potential as a purposeful (and not merely incidental) BAMF.  Blood Bound is darker, with moments that sent chills down my spine, and a humor that had me laughing over the proliferation of vampire cliches.  Not only do the stakes seem higher, and the climax more intense, Briggs really surprised me by drawing out the end in a way that didn’t drive me nuts.  She ties up the loose ends and then some while keeping the action going, leaving us not only satisfied with the big bad, but with pretty much all plot points (aside from said romantic tangles).

An extremely solid second installment, Blood Bound built upon the base Moon Called had carefully constructed, proving that Mercy Thompson is more than just a passing fling or fluke within the Urban Fantasy genre.  And can we talk about the sheer awesomeness of a vampire who loves Scooby Doo enough to drive a Mystery Machine with a giant stuffed Scooby Doo in the front seat?  Because I would totally hang with that blood sucker.  I, for one, give Mercy Thompson a stamp of approval as I head off to read book 3.

Likelihood that I’ll be back for more:  I’m planning to listen to Iron Kissed (Woohoo, fae I presume? No, I don’t read blurbs…), and then dive right into the Alpha & Omega series as well.

Recommended for:  Fans of Kate Daniels or October Daye (and vice versa).

Get a second opinion:
Book Harbinger – “Somehow no nonsense, dry-humored VW mechanic Mercy makes it all feel like a fun, light romp through a world where normal people and the supernatural live side by side.”
Fantasy Cafe – “From chapter one, I felt Blood Bound was an improvement over the first book in this series.”
The Book Rat – “Briggs handles things well and either has a damn good content editor or a keen sense for it herself. Well worth the read.”

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  1. “And can we talk about the sheer awesomeness of a vampire who loves Scooby Doo enough to drive a Mystery Machine with a giant stuffed Scooby Doo in the front seat?”

    This pretty much sold me on this series.

    • Heidi says:

      Bwahaha, YES! That’s what I like to hear. So glad your hold on Moon Called came in, Molly, I’m really excited to see your reaction.

  2. Angie says:

    This book killed me. I mean, it killed me. Down to the last word on the last page.

    Stefan . . . I can’t even.

    I knew who I wanted her to pick at this point. My feelings on the matter were . . . strong. Lol.

    • Heidi says:

      I know this is your favorite in the series (or at least one of)! I love Stefan, he may get my official favorite vampire status. I don’t know why I didn’t have strong feelings about the love triangle, but I definitely leaned the right way. 😛

  3. Woot! Yes, yes, yes! What I love about this book is that it’s such a huge turning point for so many events in Mercy’s life and they just keep building with the next installments. Iron Kissed is the best of the series, IMO, so I can’t wait to see what you think of it. And the love triangle gets resolved too. Although, really, was it much of a contest at all..? 😉

    • Heidi says:

      Of course I have to agree with you about Iron Kissed, but I suppose since I haven’t read further than that yet I can’t say much. It was such an emotional wallop! In so many ways. I actually didn’t have strong feelings about the love triangle, but I realize many others have. I’m putting off the fourth to read the Alpha & Omega novella first. Hopefully soon!

  4. Keertana pretty much convinced me to get started on this series (it’s probably about time now!) and I’m really glad to see you’re a fan, too. The mention of a love triangle always puts me off these days, but I’m hoping the situation here will work for me. Or, at least, not be too frustrating… Fantastic review, Heidi!

    • Heidi says:

      Yay! I’m glad Keertana and I could help sway you to start this series, I’ve been loving it. Adult love triangles are never as angsty as YA ones, and this one’s not really angsty at all. It does get solved without overmuch drama and fairly quickly, so hopefully you don’t get frustrated!

  5. Holly says:

    “Tighter” and “a vampire who loves Scooby Doo” are the reasons this is my favorite of the series as well. I liked all the vampire cliches, too and found her take on the blood sucking creatures refreshing. I can’t wait to hear what you think of the resolution of the love triangle. I don’t always admit that I quietly shipped her with the guy she didn’t end up choosing, and though I like the other guy too, I’ve never gotten over it.

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