You’re more than just a book to me, John Green.


May 30, 2012 by Heidi

You’re more than just a book to me is a new feature I’m deciding to do here and now at Bunbury in the Stacks.  Because there are a lot of authors out there who I love for so much more than their books, and I think everyone should know why.

Dear John Green,

A year ago, I didn’t know your name.  Now, I see your name daily, and I think that’s just swell.  I know you’ve published a few books, I’ve even read a couple of them.  I know a number of people who laud you as the current king of contemporary YA, and that’s cool and all, but I think you should know that you’re more than just your books to me.

Part of it is because you utilize all sorts of ways to encourage good choices.  For example, when you saw someone willing to trade Assholes Finish First by Tucker Max for An Abundance of Katherines by you, you kindly saved both that reader and the potential misguided soul willing to trade by offering to personally send them a copy if they would be so good as to recycle Assholes Finish First rather than passing it along.  Some might say this encourages book burning of a sort, but in my mind, it encourages green living and good reading.

John Green vs Tucker Max on Reddit

Screenshot via

Part of it is because I have come to the conclusion that you must have had some of the greatest parents ever.  Why?  Your relationship with your brother, Hank, is filled with the kind of awesome that those of us not in your family have a hard time believing isn’t completely scripted and cast by some genius studio execs.  Vlogbrothers constantly makes my day whether you’re talking about important current events and issues, or Twilight:


I could not put the issue of old immortal creepers rubbing up on teenagers better myself.

You encourage people to be informed, educated, and in the know about the world around them.  You engage us all in learning, knowing that knowledge isn’t restricted to the classroom.


You’re a Nerdfighter extraordinaire.  You fight to increase awesome, and decrease suck.  Also your Nerdfighter site is a Ning, which is pretty fantastic.  You engage an entire community and HELLO YOU ARE WINNING!

You can talk as fast as Lorelai Gilmore, which, let’s face it, not a lot of men can do.  Though I like to think your brain is not a scary jungle full of scary gibberish.


So sure, I’ll continue to read any books you write.  What’s more, I’ll continue to recommend them personally and professionally to teens and adults alike.  After all, some people love you because you’re a damn good author.  I love you because you’re a damn good person.  Keep up the good work.

Don’t forget to be awesome,

P.S. Tell your brother Hank, I love him just as much as I love you, even if he never wrote a book that had me laughing so hard I had an asthma attack.


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  1. Ahhhh everything books different! I’m scared. Lol. I didn’t know you were transitioning to wordpress- let me know if it’s a lot better because I’m confused about those sort of things!

    Anyway, this letter was so sweet and I love what John Green did on reddit. Personally, I have only read ‘Paper Towns’ and I really strongly disliked it and I really never thought I’d say that about his books. I am going to try ‘Looking for Alaska’ next and hope for the best! x

    • Heidi says:

      I had a lot of issues with Blogger that I found tedious, and when they started failing to post scheduled posts it was kind of the last straw for me. I’m loving WordPress, to me it’s so much easier. Still, it does have a steeper learning curve, and can be intimidating, which is why I didn’t start here.

      And thanks! The Reddit thing made me incredibly happy last week. It’s cool if you don’t like his books though, I’ve heard others say that Paper Towns was their least favorite though, so maybe you’ll have better luck with another one.=)

  2. The Green brothers did an AMA on reddit that was great a while back. I love that screenshot–I must’ve missed it on reddit when it happened but that is so classic:) I’m of the opinion that all of Tucker Max’s books deserve to be recycled.

    • Heidi says:

      Seriously. How do two brothers get so awesome? My boyfriend spends a lot of time on Reddit and came home asking ‘do you know that guy who wrote that book A Multitude of Katherines?’ which is how I found out about it.

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  4. Love this. LOVE John Green. I hope he reads this one day (if he hasn’t already:)

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