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January 23, 2013 by Heidi


Okay, I’ve been resisting this for a long time, but you know what folks?  I GIVE UP. I joined Tumblr.  Partially because it’s a total pain to attempt to follow Tumblrs without a Tumblr account, and one can hardly have a Tumblr account without using it.  Partially because I have a lot of little random thoughts I’d love to share but aren’t worth posting on the blog/don’t really fit here.  And partially because I just want a place to talk about things like The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Doctor Who and post gifs of Richard Armitage ad nauseam.

So please come follow me there.  Or don’t.  It really all depends on how deep into my mind you want to go.  I shall not post with any regularity or along any strict subject lines–enjoy!


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  1. Andrea says:

    Tumblr, Land of Memes. The comment system sucks, but the pictures are so pretty…


    No, but seriously, I’ve been using it for 4+ years, and it’s a great community.


  3. janicu says:

    Muhahahaah, be prepared to lose hours of time. :)

  4. Reynje says:

    Yay! You’re on tumblr! I’m completely addicted.. it’s such a time-suck, but I can’t seem to stay away.

  5. HAHHA you have succumbed to the dark side!! I haven’t used my Tumblr in ages and tbqh I am not sure that I even fully know how to use the dang thing O.o does this mean I’m old?!

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