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May 21, 2014 by Heidi

hero's guide blog tourIt’s that time again boys and girls (of all ages)!  It’s HERO TIME.  That’s right, I’m back for one last Hero’s Guide tour as we welcome this third, final, and (of course) wonderful book to shelves.  Man I’ve loved this series.  I push it on teachers and parents for read alouds, I thrust it into the hands of children, I almost can’t wait for that day down the road when the mood strikes and I simply must pick these books up and reread them for all of the hilarity and charm enclosed therein.

Book three imparts information on readers that is just as imperative as everything we learned in the previous two.  For instance, did you know that all bounty hunters have color names?  It’s true!  Let me introduce you to one:

8. Orangebeard

Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Affiliation: Gang Greenfang
Kingdom of Origin: Svenlandia
Current Residence: A seaside hovel in Yondale
Parents: Madame Ginger and Old Red
Known Partners: Greenfang, Erik the Mauve, Periwinkle Pete, Corin
Silversword, Norin Black-Ax
Longtime Foe: Larry the Barber
Likes: The color orange; raisins; chatting with captives
Dislikes: Oranges (ironically); getting nettles stuck in his beard; driving the
prison wagon (thought he usually ends up doing it anyway)
Signature Move: The Big Ax Mega-Chop
Quote: “Go ahead, ask me about bounty hunting.”
Little Known Fact: Orangebeard began growing his thick, lustrous facial hair
nine years ago, after too many people mistook the birthmark on his chin for a

My bounty hunter name would probably be something like Purple Toe.  Not exactly fear-striking, but there’s really only so many options out there (and I happen to like purple, thank you very much…it’s hardly my fault if I have notoriously bad circulation).

Check out the trailer Christopher Healy made:

Find out more about Walden Pond Press and the spectacular middle grade books they put out at their blog, or follow them on FacebookPinterest, and Twitter.

And for more antics with the League of Princes, check out the rest of the stops on the tour for more character profiles, artwork, and chats with the author!

Hero’s Guide to Being a Blog Tour 

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About the Book

by Christopher Healy

Prince Liam. Prince Frederic. Prince Duncan. Prince Gustav. You think you know those guys pretty well by now, don’t you? Well, think again. The Princes Charming, along with Ella, Snow, Rapunzel, and Princess Lila are caught and arrested for the murder of Briar Rose. The heroes are simultaneously
shocked and sad to hear of this news. But a series of suspicious events leads them to believe that not only is Briar still alive, but some unseen evil is working its way into the throne rooms of all thirteen
kingdoms. It’s up to the League to break out of prison, find Briar, and uncover the nefarious plot before the entire country is destroyed.

About the AuthorChristopher Healy

Christopher Healy is the author of The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom, which the New York Times selected as one of its best books of the year, calling it “charming—a qurest that recalls at moments the Musketeers and at others the Marxes”; as well as its sequel, The Hero’s Guide to Storming the Castle, which Publishers Weekly hailed as “uproariously funny” in a starred review. He is also a reviewer of children’s media. Chris lives with his wife and two children in New Jersey. You can find him online at


A couple of rules:

  • US Only
  • The winner will have 24 hours to respond to my e-mail, or another winner will be chosen.
  • Enjoy!

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  1. YvonneJ says:

    My bounty hunter name would be Vonn the Villainous. Choosing favorite “hero” would be like picking which one of the children I like best….depends on my mood at the time…..because I love them all.

    I’m really sorry to know that this is the end (really???) of the series but I read somewhere that we should be seeing another series and a stand-alone book from this wonderfully talented author.

  2. bn100 says:

    like Superman

  3. Angie says:

    Uh, yeah, gotta be Robin Hood. But then you knew that already.

    Seriously, though. It looks like I *need* to read this with my kids.

  4. Mark says:

    I’ve had the first sitting in my TBR pile for the last year. I really need to get that oversight corrected, I can tell.

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