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May 25, 2014 by Heidi


We all know what this time is like: the final book in one of our favorite series releases.  We celebrate, we cry a little inside, and we dither with the most guilty anticipation over opening those final precious pages.  These days, that emotion’s going out for one of my absolute favorite graphic novel series, Zita the Spacegirl.

The lovely crew over at First Second is celebrating the release of the final instalment of the Zita saga, The Return of Zita the Spacegirl, by asking those of us who love her to share our favorite thing.

Now, I’m notoriously bad at picking favorites.  I like to whittle things down into a billion subcategories as a way to really pick many many favorites, but I’m going to reign myself in here and bite the bullet.  I will pick ONE thing to be my favorite about Zita.  And it is this:

The loyalty she inspires.

Zita draws a crowd of allies around herself almost subconsciously.  She causes people (the term ‘people’ here used loosely to describe giant rodents, robots, aliens, and other creatures along with plain ol’ humans) to stand up for her and beside her, some of them almost against their will–*cough* Piper.  She gains fierce friends simply by not overlooking or underestimating anyone around her.  She, perhaps naively, takes for granted that they will put their best selves forward, and everyone around her clamors to not disappoint.  It’s like Zita was the ingredient missing in all of these lives to make them spectacular, even though she is, when it comes right down to it, just a regular girl.  And I love it.

BUUUUT, this is where I cheat.  See, my fiance (who is the whole reason I started reading and loving graphic novels in the first place) really enjoyed Zita as well.  And since he’s a bit of an artist, I asked him if he’d be willing to do some Zita fan art for me to show his favorite thing about Zita the Spacegirl.  Here’s what he came up with:

Zita stomps Spiff

Zita & Spiff5After reading Zita, he commented that it was kind of like a female Calvin and Hobbes (or Spaceman Spiff to be exact), only her adventures were real instead of imaginary.  D(f)H figured that the two wouldn’t necessarily get along at first (because Calvin does not like girls), but Zita would win him over in the end.

Stompy Boots

Oh, and stompy boots.  We all love the stompy boots!

Want to know what everyone else loves about Zita?  Check out the rest of the blog tour here.


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