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September 4, 2014 by Heidi



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Now I know I’m not the only book blogger out there who plays fantasy.  There’s a fair amount of us; we’re loud, we’re proud, and we take no prisoners.  The League ranks among our favorite TV shows.  We live for Sundays, and Thursdays and Mondays are just like sweet little bonuses to the good life.

This year my fantasy league is with a group of fellow booksellers, so of course I had to brainstorm some good literary team names.  If you’ve been struggling to come up with one of your own, here are some suggestions:

Team/Player Specific:

Of Mice and Manning
The Old Manning and the Seahawks
An Abundance of ____________ (Pick whatever player you have multiples of.)
The Andrew Luck Club
AJ Green Eggs and Ham
Gravity’s Dwaynebow (Stole this one from a genius coworker.)

General Names:

Incomplete Jest
Brief Interviews With Hideous G-Men (Yep, got stuck on DFW titles.)
Watership Fourth Down
Pride and Penalties
Counting by 7s
Cather in the Rye (These last two just work as is.)
The Perks of Being a Cowboy (Or insert team name of choice.)
The Fault in Our Starters

Hat tip to my friend Flynn and the DH for helping brainstorm.  Now I really wanted to be “Brief Interviews With Hideous G-Men”, but my league’s limited in characters, so I went with The Fault in Our Startes (a book that, quite frankly, all of us booksellers are sick of looking at).

There’s lots more gold out there to be mined people, tell me your genius literary fantasy football name!


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  1. I won a championship in my first year playing fantasy football with my team, the Pemberly Pride. My team name now comes from tv: the Sunnydale Slayers. (They’ve won a championship too!) Here’s to another very fine year playing fantasy! May you crush and destroy!

    • Heidi says:

      Good luck to you too, Elisabeth! LOVE both team names. Reminds me I STILL need to finish that last season of Buffy…but the fall’s a great time to get on that (though I may be distracted with Veronica Mars…)

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