2013 Reading and Blogging Goals


January 24, 2013 by Heidi

Failure is always an optionNearly 30 years of underachieving hasn’t taught me not to set goals!  I thought, for the sake of public accountability (and obligatory fail gifs later in the year), I should share some of my reading and blogging goals for the year before we get too deep in it:

  1. Read books I already own.  Who else sucks at this?  I’m always focusing on library books with their due dates and neglecting books I own but here’s the thing–they’re library books.  I can check them out again!  I’ve set myself a limit of checking out no more than 4 library books at a time (um…not including audiobooks), and am going back and forth between books that I own and library books.
  2. Review more audiobooks.  Guys, I listen to an audiobook every week, but am terrible at reviewing them.  I don’t like to force reviews, but some of these books have been wonderful and underhyped books that deserve some love and attention.  So I’m going to attempt to be less lazy.
  3. Participate in Blogiesta.  I have some bloggy stuff I want to do, and instead of listing it all here, I’m just stating that this year I’m planning to take part in this event and get some of it done!
  4. Go to more book/author events.  I didn’t really start attending book events till midyear last year, but I love them!  I want to attend more this year.  (Side note: Neil Gaiman will be at Books of Wonder in NYC in Feb. for his new children’s book.  My heart momentarily soared until I was informed I will not be in town that day, at which point I cried.  So I’ll attend events again after I’m over THIS TRAUMA.)
  5. Read more older books.  Last year I was about 50/50 on 2012 releases and older books.  This year, I’d like around 75% of the books I read to be older releases.  I have such a big TBR of older books that I know I’ll love, they should be getting priority over new hyped books I just might like.
  6. Do more read alongs.  I LOVE discussing books as I go.  It doesn’t matter if it’s with a group, or just one other person, I want to do more participatory reading.  Isn’t that one of the points of this community?

Sure, it’s a somewhat obscure list, but I don’t like to pressure myself with things like ‘read one contemporary book a month’ and that sort of thing.  But don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll still be doing this come November:

Adam Savage treadmill fail

What are your 2013 reading or blogging goals?

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  1. Fantastic goals, Heidi! I have so many of the same! I really want to read more older books this year and limit myself to just one or two new releases a month, especially since I can always pick them up later once the reviews start trickling in. Also, like you, I always read my library books and completely abandon my books at home or on my Kindle, which I definitely need to stop doing. I’ve never been to an author event although I really want to go! I planned to go to BEA this year, but turns out I’ll be in DC for an internship! :/ I do think it’s amazing though that you listen to an audiobook a week. I’ve only heard two that I liked, so I definitely plan to give more of them a try. Good luck with these goals this year, Heidi! :)

    • Heidi says:

      Yeah, I’m playing catch up on ARCs atm, but I’m trying to really limit my intake of them in the extreme–that’ll help with reading older books. Bah! I WISH you were able to come to BEA this year, but the fact that you have an internship in DC is awesome!!

  2. Ha! Failure IS always an option. I like your optimism!

    Read books I own: Yup, I should do this. I’m only succeeding if you count review copies as books owned. I’ve got 8 or 900 books I own and haven’t read. So…youch.

    2: I review everything I read as my policy, so I’m rocking the audiobooks, though I tend to do a bunch back to back and then none for months.

    4. That SUCKS that you will miss Neil Gaiman!

    5. I think I was about 75% new releases. I’m just trying to get down to 50/50. So far, no luck.

    • Heidi says:

      Hehe, yep–one of my favorite lines ever. :)

      Well, you’ve managed to make me feel better about the 200 unread books I have sitting around, so thanks for that. Hehe, and good luck with reading some older books this year! I think that reading books that I own will certainly help in that regard.

  3. We should do a read-a-long together, FYI.

  4. I am the worst at reading older books–there are always so many shiny new pretties catching my eye! But there are books that have been languishing on my shelves forever, so I think I will try to emulate that particular goal, too.

    Good luck with your blogging/reading this year, Heidi! To many lovely reads for us both.

    P.S. Now I have to go look up “Blogiesta.” #clueless

    • Heidi says:

      Thanks, Wendy!

      To many wonderful reads, indeed.

      If I remember correctly, Bloggiesta takes place over a long weekend, and is just an event where everyone encourages one another to do whatever housekeeping they need to do about their blogs. I always enjoy doing things as a community, as I find it more motivating than doing them by myself. :)

  5. Charlotte says:

    Oh, I am so, so bad at reading books I already own. So many of my library books arrived from other libraries, and the thought of all that trouble and expense and effort on the part of the library system makes it virually impossible not to give them priority….

    • Heidi says:

      Right? I use Inter Library Loan a LOT, so I do still prioritize those books over local library books, but I’m just trying to not check out so many at a time, and so far it’s helped.

  6. I am totally with you on every one of those you mentioned. especially reading more books that I own. I TOTALLY suck at that. Ditto on reading older books:)

    • Heidi says:

      Haha, right?! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who collects books and then neglects them. I’m NOT going to do that this year…at least not as much. 😛

  7. I love all of these goals. You’re a woman after my own heart!

    Looking forward to the Lumatere readalong with you!

  8. Here, here! To old books! There’s just such a limitless supply of them. I honestly cannot believe you limit yourself to 4 books from the library. True confession: I have 50+ out right now. I get crazy and check out tons of things just so I can look at them in piles. Then again, I’ve been on a binge lately. Anyway, good luck with your goals! I think your blog looks lovely already but I’m sure whatever you have in mind for updates will be even better:)

    • Heidi says:

      50 library books?! But…how do you get through them? It’s so easy for me to stop by my library on my way home, that it’s also easy to just have a few at a time.

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