Book Haul and Weekend Recap (26)


September 16, 2012 by Heidi


Book Haul 26

Wocket makes an appearance!  The real life version of my little 15 lb. dude up on the banner there cannot be moved when he’s comfy, and so, he gets a cameo today along with my new books.  It’s been about three weeks since my last Book Haul post, and I’ve finally accumulated enough to make it worth our while.  Largely audiobooks and a lovely trip to the library resulting in:

Fables: Inherit the Wind by Bill Willingham (Library) [Amazon|Goodreads]
Yay! This one finally came in for me, it feels like I’ve been waiting forever.  Why didn’t I read Peter and Max while I waited?  I’ve got nothing.
Child of the Prophecy by Juliet Marillier (Library) [Amazon|Goodreads]
Between finishing Son of the Shadows and loving Holly’s Seven Days for Sevenwaters, I can’t and won’t wait very long before finishing up the initial trilogy to this series that I already love so much.
Well Witched by Francis Hardinge (Library) [Amazon|Goodreads]
Remember a couple of weeks back when I read and adored The Lost Conspiracy?  Well of course I had to ravage my library shelves to see what other Hardinge I could get my hands on before resorting to ILL.  This is actually the one book of hers I’ve heard the least about, so I’m kind of excited to go in blind!
House of Many Ways by Diana Wynne Jones (Library) [Amazon|Goodreads]
Kmont had a lovely review of Howl’s Moving Castle this week over at Lurv a la Mode which reminded me how much I love those books, and that I really needed to read more of them–hence the final Ingary book!

Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs by Molly Harper audio book coverPride and Prejudice by Jane Austen book coverCarnival of Souls by Melissa Marr audio book cover

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (Purchased) [Amazon|Goodreads]
After finishing Persuasion last month, it occurred to me that it’s been far too long since I read my favorite Austen, so I picked up a copy for my Kindle.
Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs by Molly Harper (Purchased) [Amazon|Goodreads]
I really liked Molly Harper’s Naked Werewolf books, and fellow audiobook fan, Jac from For Love & Books spoke so highly of the narrator for Harper’s work that I had to check it out!  Already finished this and thoroughly enjoyed it, plan to listen to the rest and will probably write a series review when I’m through.
Carnival of Souls by Melissa Marr (Purchased) [Amazon|Goodreads]
I realize I got a paper copy of this (signed!) back at BEA, but considering James Marsters was narrating the audio, I just had to buy it on release day.  Only about halfway through, but so far of course it’s living up to what I’ve come to expect from my beloved Marr.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling audio book coverHarry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling audio book coverHarry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling audio book coverHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling audio book cover

Harry Potter 3,4,5,7 by J.K Rowling (Library) [Amazon|Goodreads]
I know this seems random, but it’s been way too long since I listened to these on audio (the last couple I never did listen to), so I’m collecting them on my iPod as they become available on Overdrive so I can enjoy them all again shortly!

Highlights with Bunbury

See my pretty new blog?  Thanks to my wonderful bf for the header design, as well as a good friend who was awesome enough to help me figure out all the nitty gritty details of  setting up on self hosted.  Yay!  Here’s what you may have missed in the past couple of weeks:
It wouldn’t be summer without some magic…my loving thoughts on Summer Magic
The Seven Tales of Trinket by Shelly Moore Thomas
The Native Star by M.K. Hobson
With Bated Breath: September New Releases
Cleopatra’s Moon by Vicky Alvear Schecter
Shadowfell by Juliet Marillier
Seven Days for Sevenwaters Guest Post
The Brides of Rollrock Island by Margo Lanagan
Son of the Shadows by Juliet Marillier


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  1. AWW Wocket! He’s so cute- he’s like a manly version of Boots!

    Sorry for my lack of commenting recently- I have still been checking out your posts and I REALLY feel I need to read the Juliet Mariller books- they sound amazinng. I STILL haven’t read Fables- I have totally ceased to read graphic novels and I have no idea why. I think it may be due to my current love affair with my Kindle, which I just take everywhere in my bag so that when I finish one book I can instantly start the next, and so I forget about my graphic novels :-(. I will definitely read it soon. x

    • Heidi says:

      Oh no worries! I’ve been having decreasing time to comment lately as well, but I’m still around, so I’m glad you stopped by to say hi! :)

      And YES! When I saw a picture of Boots, it was like looking at kitten Wocket.

      Also yes, you really need to read both Juliet Marillier and Fables. Seriously, I know you’d love them both. I haven’t been reading as many graphic novels as of late either, which bums me out because I really do love them. I need to start making sure I read at least one a month I think.

  2. Ahhh, I want to read Well Witched, because you know, Halloween and all plus Frances Hardinge.

    ALSO I need to own Child Of Prophecy so it can sit next to Daughter Of The Forest and Son Of Shadows.

    AND OMG FABLES. How have I not read that noise yet.

    • Heidi says:

      Yep! I thought that Well Witched would be pretty perfect for the fall season. And seriously friend, get on Fables because you will love all of that.

  3. Wocket is adorable! I love his name too!

    I’d like to read Carnival of Souls too and I’m thinking the audio will be the way to go. Good idea!

    • Heidi says:

      Thanks, Kyle! He was named by a librarian (not me). :)

      The audio for Carnival of Souls is really great so far! Definitely recommended.

  4. I’ve NEVER listened to HP on audio. I know. I should have my potterhead card taken away.

    To be fair, I have read the series three times. But I do believe I need the audio in my life!

    • Heidi says:

      We still love you, but you really should try the audio sometime. Potterheads I know who don’t even do the audio thing usually still love them. They’re read by Jim Dale, one of the greatest narrators ever, and I just adore them! That’s actually how I initially got into the series, I wasn’t planning to read HP but then this was the book my parents chose for a family road trip. It worked for me. 😀

  5. Jen R says:

    Your cat is so cute! And the blog looks fantastic. I have a makeover scheduled for January. I haven’t decided whether to hop over to WP or not, but I will have a new look.
    Have a great week :)

    • Heidi says:

      Thanks, Jen! Yeah, I was on Blogger originally and liked the control you had there over design, but liked the other features of WordPress enough to switch over. Then I just moved (again) to self-hosted WordPress so that I could have some control over my design again. I came out pretty happy!

  6. HARRY POTTER!<3 I've never listened to them on audio book but I'm sure they are just as wonderful! :) I'm very excited to see what you think of Carnival of Souls and am thrilled you're continuing to read more Marillier! If only I could freeze time and pick up her books already! Anyway, looking forward to all the wonderful reviews sure to come my way soon! 😉 Happy Reading, Heidi! 😀

    P.S. – Your. Cat. Is. ADORABLE! I feel as if every blogger has a cat and I don't even have any pets! Actually, my younger brother probably counts as one…kidding! I love Wocket though – especially his name! :)

    • Heidi says:

      Yes! Hoping to finish Carnival of Souls either today or tomorrow. I actually have work off because of Rosh Hashanah (I work in a predominantly Jewish community–first time I’ve ever gotten anything off for a Jewish holiday, so it’s a bit exciting for me), so I don’t get my usual commuting listening time, but I’m hoping to listen while I clean around the house.

      Harry Potter is just as good on Audio. I know you tried Feed on audio and it didn’t work, but I still say if you get the chance, pick up HP sometime. Jim Dale is one of the best narrators out there, the audio is what initially got me into the series, and I just love it. Also, yes! I hope you can read Marillier soon. They are total door stoppers though, so it can be hard to find the time.

      Hehe, thanks! I love Wocket. It’s hard to have pets when you’re in school, but I had always had tons growing up, so I begged and begged and we got Wocket. He’s our baby! 😀

  7. VeganYANerds says:

    Oh my goodness, Wocket is stunning! He looks so shiny, tell him my 3 girls say hi!

    And nice haul, most of these are new to me but I recently read and enjoyed Carnival of Souls – it was my first of Marr’s books but now I’m keen to read more!

    • Heidi says:

      Thanks, Mandee! He’s a sweetheart. Could probably eat poor tiny Molly for breakfast. 😛

      I’m glad that you want to read more Marr after Carnival of Souls! I’ve read all of her books and really enjoyed them. My favorite, though, is probably her adult book, Graveminder.

  8. Leanne says:

    Your cat is absolutely adorable and he strangely looks like the cat I own… Black and white fur, green eyes, a bit on the chubby side. 😉 I only kid! I love the new blog look too- I’m a huge fan of cats (as you can tell, haha) and the blog title font is also really nice. :)

    And Pride & Prejudice! Is this your first time reading it? Or a re-read ? Anyhow, it’s a masterpiece. ‘Nuf said.

    Thanks for the recap and I hope you enjoy your books! :)

  9. Jasmine Rose says:

    OMG! Cat, cat, cat!! I wants a kitty 😀

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